Port Moody residents voice Evergreen Line concerns in another public meeting

A second sinkhole formed above the Evergreen Line construction in Port Moody on Friday, Jan. 2. Clayton Little / Global News

Port Moody residents worried about the construction of the Evergreen Line had another opportunity to voice their concerns at a community meeting last night.

At the packed meeting, the mayor of Port Moody said the construction company behind the Evergreen Line is doing a better job at communicating with the public. And while most residents would agree, it doesn’t assuage their worries.

Since the boring of the underground light rail line started three months ago two sinkholes have formed and according to some residents, they’ve had issues with cracked house foundations and flooded basements.

In a public meeting held in mid-January, residents were looking for answers but instead got more frustration.

“There are lots of problems happening with the drilling that’s going on there… especially with my house,” one concerned resident said to the Evergreen Line project construction manager Nasir Kurji in January.

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“I’m feeling vibrations going through the house. I’ve got floors in that house that are 60 years old that are oak floors, that the nails are starting to come up. There are a lot more problems then what’s going on down here at Cecile [Drive]. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

The Ministry of Transportation said safety is their top priority and is analyzing the situation along with going over the concerns of the residents.

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