Lethbridge labour market thriving

The Lethbridge and Medicine Hat region closed out 2014 with the lowest unemployment rate in the province at just 2.8 percent according to new numbers.

Lethbridge mayor Chris Spearman says it’s a sign the city is headed in the right direction.

“I think we have an attractive city and a vibrant economy,” said Spearman. “I really believe there’s good confidence in what’s happening in Lethbridge from a business perspective.

Though the low unemployment numbers for December are being seen as a positive for the city, not everyone thinks that trend will continue.

“Since December a whole bunch has changed,” said Cheryl Dick, CEO of Economic Development. “I don’t really think that what was happening in December was very indicative of what we might see in the next few months.”

Experts believe the struggling oil business will have some effect on Lethbridge and could push the unemployment higher in the months ahead. But the city’s diverse economy should help prevent a drastic jump.

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“We are largely agricultural processors, we’ve got research institutions, agricultural research centers,” explains Spearman. “We’ve got the university, the college, we’ve got a strong health sector.”

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