Video shows rats running through YVR airport

WATCH: Vancouver International Airport is dealing with some rare bad PR: a problem with rats. Rumina Daya has more on the where the rodents were spotted and how the airport is dealing with the problem.

Some unwanted guests are having an extended layover at Vancouver International Airport–rats.

Cellphone video shot on Jan. 20 shows rodents running amok in a YVR restaurant. The video was shot by a long-time airport employee who asked to remain anonymous to protect his job.

The employee and other airport staffers who spoke to Global News insist the problem is widespread. They’re concerned the rats pose a potential health problem, especially if they are coming into contact with food.

YVR official Steve Hankinson said the rat video “concerns us” and that they “have a program working with experts to manage pest control.”

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By coming forward, the YVR whistleblower hopes officials can do more to curb the rodent population at an airport that is considered among the best in the world.

-with files from Rumina Daya

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