WATCH: Woman owned van for a decade before finding 13 pounds of pot stashed

WATCH ABOVE: Melodie Peil owned her Chevy van for over a decade before the shocking discovery.

TORONTO – A woman in New Mexico found approximately 13 pounds of cannabis lodged in the door of a used van she’s owned for over a decade.

The discovery was made after the owner’s family had trouble with a lock on a rear door of their 1990 model Chevrolet van. But instead of throwing a big bash involving a serious case of “the munchies,” owner Melodie Peil did the right thing and contacted authorities.

“Low and behold, we discovered something that didn’t belong there,” Peil told KRQE. “It was pretty shocking.”

The stash – which weighs just over 13 pounds – was found after a family friend took off a panel to make a repair.

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Melodie Peil bought a used van about a decade ago but only just recently discovered a huge stash of pot stowed away inside a passenger door. CBS
A family friend offered to make a repair to a troubled lock on the van's rear door. The discovery was made when a panel was removed. CBS
Melodie Peil claims to have purchased a 1990 Chevy van for $3500 just over a decade ago. CBS
“He took the door panel off and was like ‘Holy smokes. That’s not right,'” Detective Sgt. David McColley told The Alamogordo Daily News. CBS
Over 13 pounds of illegal cannabis was found. But due to its age the stash is completely worthless. CBS

McColley added the bricks of pot could be at least 15 years old – dating back before Peil purchased the vehicle for a cool $3,500.

It’s also safe to say the contents were not intended for medicinal purposes.

“It was packaged typically how the drug traffickers package marijuana. You know, they wrap it in foil, they wrapped it in saran wrap real tightly,” said Alamogordo Detective Lieutenant Roger Schoolcraft.

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According to the Alamogordo Police Department, fresh bricks of marijuana could fetch upwards of $3,375 at current market value in New Mexico. However, age has made this yield completely worthless.

Peil, meanwhile, is lucky the weed wasn’t discovered by a United States border patrol agent; she claims to have taken her four children and two grandchildren over state lines at least ten times.

“I was just glad we found it and not Border Patrol,” Peil told reporter Bryan Betts.

Border authorities have since recommended the van undergo an x-ray to avoid any future surprises. Peil plans on doing just that this week.

“If there’s more in there, I want it out,” said Peil.

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