Snowmobiling off to a slow start in Manitoba

Trails for snowmobiles are mostly grass and dirt due to the warmer weather. Talia Ricci / Global News

For the province’s snowmobile enthusiasts, the above seasonal temperatures and lack of snow isn’t a good thing. The clubs volunteers have put thousands of hours of work into the trails in hopes of enjoying them throughout the winter.

“We just don’t have good riding conditions,” said Russ Henderson, director of Snoman Inc. “It’s difficult on the machines, and it’s a lot harder on the riders.”

Even though we’re well into the winter, the trails just opened for the first time on Tuesday. By this time of the year the cross country snow drifters usually have access to just over 300 kilometers of trails, but due to the above seasonal temperatures, only about 80 kilometers are usable.

“Right through the province, snow conditions haven’t been very good at all,” said Rob Nowosad with Cross Country Snow Drifters. “It’s a big group thing, we love getting together, we have monthly meetings, we’ve got 6 shelters within our organization.” The club has still been meeting but have done much less riding than in past years, crossing their fingers for a fresh layer of powder.

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