Ontario municipalities worried after $100k lawsuit over road salt

WATCH: Will Toronto now have to reconsider its use of road salt for winter maintenance? Mark McAllister reports.

TORONTO – Municipalities across Ontario are worried about the ramifications of a recent court ruling that awarded a farmer for damages he claimed were caused by the local government’s use of road salt.

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice awarded more than $100,000 to Joseph and Evelyn Steadman, who had sued the County of Lambton for damaged crops and a drop in property value.

Joseph Steadman says he is happy with the judge’s decision.

But the association representing municipalities for road work says the court failed to take into account the provincial mandate to keep roads clear and safe.

The group says there is currently no viable alternative to road salt that is better for the environment.

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The clerk for the county says he is stunned and is considering an appeal.

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