Dixie the dog reunited with owners after Memphis dognapping

WATCH ABOVE: A dog stolen from a Canadian couple visiting Memphis has been found. Friday the dog and its owners were reunited.

EDMONTON – Dixie the dog has captured the hearts of many. And, when she was finally returned to her owners, it was a very emotional reunion.

The dognapping happened last week when Lorie and Terry Traviss, who live in Camrose, were in Memphis to celebrate Elvis’ 80th birthday. They left their four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier in the car while grabbing a bite to eat and when they came back to their vehicle, Dixie was gone.

Security footage showed two people breaking into the Traviss’ vehicle, grab Dixie and throw her into their getaway car.

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Lorie and Terry were clearly overjoyed to have their little pup back in their arms.

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Dixie was also quite excited. She ran between her owners, tail wagging, and gave them kisses.

“The people, the police department, them all, they were wonderful,” said Lorie.

“Thank you guys all for making it… a miracle.”

On Friday, the mayor of Memphis presented Dixie with an honourary membership to the city’s K-9 unit. Lorie and Terry Traviss were given a key to the city.

WATCH: Dixie receives honour from Memphis mayor

An Ontario woman, who’s being called a pet detective in the case, played a huge role in helping the Alberta couple reunite with their beloved dog Dixie.

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“I’m pretty tenacious when I get my teeth in something, especially to do with animal welfare,” Gaynor Fletcher said via Skype Thursday night.

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