WATCH: Alberta couple’s dog stolen during Memphis vacation

An Alberta couple is looking for the pair of thieves who stole their dog while they were in Memphis, Tennessee to celebrate Elvis’ 80th birthday.

Lorie and Terry Traviss had driven down to Memphis with their four-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Dixie, and stopped at a local restaurant last Wednesday.

While the couple were dining at China Inn, a pair of thieves broke into their car, grabbed Dixie and drove away.

Security footage shows the culprits carelessly throwing the dog into their getaway car.

“It looks like she was a rag doll or something,” said a teary Lorie to WMC Action News.

When the couple returned to their car, they immediately noticed something was wrong when Dixie didn’t greet them excitedly for her treat.

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“That’s the first thing she looks for, is for her treat when we get back. Because she knows when we eat,” said Lorie.

Instead of celebrating the King’s birthday, the couple has spent their entire vacation begging and praying for the safe return of their beloved pet.

“Just bring my dog back, please!” said Lorie, sobbing.

Memphis police say the investigation is ongoing.