Stars and comedians react to ‘Charlie Hebdo’ attack

Ricky Gervais, pictured in December 2014. Justin Tallis / AFP/Getty Images

TORONTO — Reactions to Wednesday’s shocking attack on French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo continue to flood social media — and many celebrities and comedians are sharing their thoughts.

Comedian Jim Norton tweeted several times with tongue firmly in cheek

“Guys, let’s not jump to conclusions,” he wrote. “We have NO idea why these murders happened. The last thing we need is Ben Affleck accusing us of racism.

“Blaming ‘one group’ is wrong. Cartoonists are routinely murdered by radicals in ALL religions. And remember, no conclusion jumping.”

Ricky Gervais also made several comments on Twitter.

“Blasphemy: A law to protect an all-powerful, supernatural deity from getting its feelings hurt,” he tweeted.

“Here’s to rational thought, truth, education, evidence & freedom of expression one day leading to peace on earth.”

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Gervais later tweeted: “You could easily spot any Religion of Peace. Its extremist members would be extremely peaceful.”

Also weighing in was “God,” who shared an explanation of “terrorist logic” on Twitter.

“1. I am concerned about my religion’s negative reputation in the eyes of the world. 2. I will kill people in its name.”

God summed up his feelings in a single tweet:

Here’s a look at what some other celebrities and comedians had to say:

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