Oak Bay deer cull expected to go ahead despite opposition

WATCH: A cull of 25 deer in Oak Bay is set to go ahead despite opposition. Kylie Stanton reports.

People opposed to a planned cull deer in Oak Bay held a rally today, but it isn’t expected to sway plans by the municipal government.

“The deer can’t speak for themselves, so everyone here feels that they’re speaking for the deer,” said Kelly Carson with DeerSafe Victoria.

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“This isn’t just an Oak Bay issue. This is about other municipalities keeping an eye on this cull…If they see it’s successful, they may implement it as well.”

Oak Bay is hoping to cull about 25 deer and a permit is expected later this month. They say there were 78 reported deer deaths in the last two years, compared to just 55 in the previous six years, and that dangerous encounters with humans are becoming increasingly common.

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“This, according to the B.C. chief veterinarian, is the most humane way to deal with,” Oak Bay Mayor Nils Jensen said in October. “There is an overpopulation in Oak Bay and it’s not healthy.”

Carson says the plan needs further study.

“We still haven’t gotten the proof that there is an overpopulation. All we’re asking for is a proper deer count.”