WATCH: Bad Santa attempts home invasion robbery

Brian Ricketts says he is lucky an attempted robbery on his home didn’t go further than it did.

A man masked in a Santa Claus beard attempted to rob Ricketts by entering through his side door of his home in Evansville, Indiana this weekend.

Fortunately, Ricketts was walking into his kitchen, which the side door opens into, and caught the intruder before he had entered the house.

Ricketts tells WFIE that the intruder demanded that he hand over all his money, to which he replied “I don’t think so.”

He then pushed the intruder out of his home but was struck by the crowbar that the criminal was brandishing.

The man continued to try and break into the home, but once he heard Ricketts dialing 911, he ran off.

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“I have no doubt that he was wanting to do serious damage,” says Ricketts.

Evansville police are still searching for the Bad Santa.

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