Group takes Lego to the next level

Manitoba Lego Users Group gather to create Lego art. Manitoba Lego Users Group

Three years ago, Richard Strifling went on a search for adults who shared a passion for Lego.

It didn’t take long before he formed Manitoba’s first Lego club which now has over 20 dedicated members.

The group plans shows, discusses current projects and shares what they’re working on.

“It’s an artistic medium,” said Strifling, who founded the club. “It’s a way that we can create things of our own, and not necessarily that are instructions in a booklet.”

Many members are rekindling their love of Lego from childhood after what they call “The Dark Age.”

Those are the years in between being a kid and an adult when playing with Lego didn’t seem ‘cool’ anymore.

Billy Martens, one of the members, loved the timeless toy as a child and then rediscovered his love when he received a special gift.

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“I got a set of Lego for Christmas when I was 25 and I was like man I love Lego, I love building, it’s such an awesome creative medium,” said Martens.

The group puts on multiple shows a year for people of all ages to enjoy and has also worked together to donate Lego to the Children’s Hospital.

Martens said it’s exciting to get a group of people together who come from different walks of life, but share a common interest.

“Our group is anywhere from 18 to some people in their 60’s, we all share that passion for Lego bricks, and it’s great.”

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