Coalition wants UP Express transformed into northwest Toronto transit line

Watch above: Transit group proposes combining the Union-Pearson Express with SmartTrack to create one integrated line – but they don’t say how much it would cost. Peter Kim reports. 

TORONTO – A Toronto transit coalition wants to combine John Tory’s SmartTrack line with the Union Pearson Express to create a public transit line servicing the northwest corner of the city – a defacto relief line for the northwest corner of the city.

The coalition – including the TTC Riders association, the Clean Train Coalition, and the Toronto Airport Union – made the announcement at city hall Monday morning, calling on the province and city to make the express train line between Union Station and Pearson Airport a public transit line that “provides frequent, electrified, multi-stop service” with fares comparable the cost of a TTC token.

Metrolinx has not released estimated fares for the express train line but an announcement is expected this week. Media reports have suggested the cost could be upwards of $30, priced for tourists and business travellers rather than public transit users.

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The $456 million rail link is expected to be completed in time for the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The coalition also wants the UP Express to meet with Tory’s SmartTrack line – an above-ground rail line that would run on converted GO Transit tracks.  Tory’s promised the line could be built within seven years for close to $8 billion.

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