WATCH: Girl left in tears after Blue Jays trade Brett Lawrie

WATCH: A video posted by Alex Lyttle has gone viral on YouTube with the description: “Our 6-year-old’s reaction to her favourite Toronto Blue Jay (sic) player being traded. Good-bye Brett Lawrie, you will be missed…”

TORONTO – You just don’t rain on a little girl’s parade – unless of course you’re Alex Anthopoulos of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Moments after the Jays general manager made the late-night trade that sent Brett Lawrie and prospects to the Oakland Athletics for top-rated third-baseman Josh Donaldson, a video was posted to YouTube with trade reaction from a young fan.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows a little girl weeping after realizing that Lawrie has left town.

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“You don’t have to cheer for a different team, just because Brett Lawrie went to a different team,” a voice can be heard telling the girl in the video.

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For only a moment, it appears the girl considers the logic behind that statement.

“But I want to cheer for Brett Lawrie,” the daughter of the video’s owner, Alex Lyttle, blurts out as more tears stream down.

“I’m positive they won’t trade him back some day,” the girl continues. “The guy is [going to be] too good.”

However, in reality, Lawrie came under criticism during 2014 for missing a good portion of the season due to injury.

Lawrie recently attempted to deflect some of the blame on the Rogers Centre’s artificial turf, and not his hard style of play or just plain old bad luck.

“[It] treats my body kind of silly and throws it off,” he told reporters after being traded.

Donaldson, meanwhile, is considered one of the best position players in all of baseball. He has a career batting average of .268 with two full seasons under his belt. In his first full season, Donaldson hit 24 homeruns, while last season he hit 29 out of the park.

Over the same time frame, Lawrie hit half as many with a .247 batting average over the course of a meagre 70 games played.

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