Winnipeg rowers training to become the next Olympic sister duo

WINNIPEG – In just two years, these sisters went from Olympic spectators to Team Canada hopefuls.

“Olympics in a double, together, winning probably a gold medal… that would be the dream, the ultimate dream,” said Casie Gauthier.

Casie and Kaelyn Gauthier decided they were going to become Olympians — and chose rowing — one of Canada’s most successful Olympic sports.

“We were watching the 2012 Olympic games and we just decided that we wanted to try a new sport,” said Kaelyn Gauthier. “Something that we could be competitive and train in and something we could actually take up at our age.”

Shortly after starting last year, they were scouted by Canada’s Row to Podium program — which molds talented athletes into Olympic contenders.

They have since dominated races in Manitoba and are now working with former Olympians, who see potential in the sister duo.

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“They’ll push themselves extra hard because they have that you know inner competition within them already built in from when they’re so young,” said Janine Stephens, who won a silver medal in rowing at the 2012 summer Olympics

And when they compete against each other, coaches say the battle between the sisters is like no other.

“I said, ok ladies which one, the stronger of the two of you can get up… and they both stood up and they looked at each other and the chill in the room… just dropped and we thought oh my goodness these girls are very, very competitive,” said Antony Patterson, who came to Winnipeg from Tokyo to help grow Manitoba’s rowing program.

But it’s racing together that they want to pursue most.

“We can talk without words so we can just sense what’s going on,” said Casie Gauthier.

Hoping that chemistry will take them to the the top of the podium.

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