Quebec’s health minister tables Bill 10 amendments

Watch: Bill 10 amendments unveiled

QUEBEC CITY — Quebec’s Health Minister has tabled amendments to his controversial Bill 10.

The bill aims to merge boards of directors of healthcare institutions across the province to save at least $220 million.

Health Minister Gaétan Barrette said Monday he is convinced his amendments will satisfy the English-speaking community.

Barrette explained he has put four additional “protections” in the bill.

  • Every anglophone institution already designated as bilingual will continue to be bilingual.
  • Two of the “integrated centres” in downtown Montreal and on the West Island, will attain bilingual legal status. The minister said any change of status will have to be approved by the Access to English Healthcare Services Committee.
  • Foundations will have to spend money where it was intended to be spent by its donors.
  • The minister is keeping the power to appoint board members, but for on a one-time basis only.

“First of all bilingualism, it remains,” Barrette said.

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“Ownership, it remains. Control of the physical institution, it remains. A seat at the board, they will have it.

“In each CISS where you have an institution today under Article 29.1, there will be a guarantee that there will be someone anglophone on the board, they will select their person,” Barrette said.

These amendments will not change the fact that anglophone institutions are losing their boards.

Opposition parties called the changes “cosmetic,” yet the health minister is still hoping to pass Bill 10 as quickly as possible, preferably before the holidays.

The Quebec Community Groups Network — which has been very critical of the bill — said its members are currently studying the amendments and the group will be reacting shortly.

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