Burnaby wants Kinder Morgan to pay for Burnaby Mountain policing costs

WATCH: After days of protests, things are finally returning to normal on Burnaby Mountain. Kinder Morgan crews took their equipment and left, and protesters celebrated with a rally. Jeremy Hunka reports.

The police have left Burnaby Mountain after over a week of enforcing an injunction requested by Kinder Morgan. Now the only question is who will pay their bill.

“I want [Kinder Morgan] to pay,” says Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan. “We told them not to go on to the mountain, we told them to obey our bylaws, we were overruled by the National Energy Board, so they can’t possibly say in any way this was our fault or responsibility.”

Protesters held a celebration on Burnaby Mountain on Saturday, a day after Kinder Morgan began packing up after saying they wouldn’t finish testing on their second drilling site by the Dec. 1 injunction deadline. The company has proposed building through the mountain as part of an expansion of their Trans Mountain pipeline.

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Lawyers for the protesters, temporarily charged last week for breaking the injunction, said that policing costs were around $100,000 a day.

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Burnaby RCMP wouldn’t confirm that number, but Corrigan, who has long opposed the pipeline, says total costs are around a million dollars.

“Kinder Morgan’s playing the poor me in regard to their activities. I find it quite surprising. I don’t know many people are going to feel sympathy for a multinational corporation that’s exerting its influence on a local government,” he said.

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For their part, Kinder Morgan says they’ll cross that bridge if – or when – they come to it.

“We haven’t been formally asked to pay anything to date,” said Ali Hounsell, a spokesperson for the Trans Mountain project.

“We will wait to see and consider that when it comes up.”