Calgary area mom finds bullet in Brussels sprouts from Costco

CALGARY- The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is investigating after a woman discovered a lead bullet inside a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts from Costco.

Suzie Moore of Airdrie was cleaning up after a family dinner Sunday night when she heard an odd ‘ping’ as she was pouring out some leftover Brussels sprouts into a bowl.

“I thought ‘what the heck is that?'”, said Moore. “Sure enough, I found this little thing in the bottom of the bowl.”

Suzie Moore says when she poured some brussel sprouts in a bowl, a bullet fell out of the bag as well. Loren Andreae

That ‘thing’ turned out to be a bullet, a real bullet, that appeared to be a .22 calibre.

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“First thing I thought was ‘sure glad I didn’t microwave the Brussels sprouts'”, said Moore. “The second thing was- ‘Man, I am glad I didn’t bite on this and none of my family did.'”

Moore bought the frozen vegetables from a Costco store in Balzac, just north of Calgary, that has since given her a full refund.

The CFIA has now launched an investigation into how the bullet ended up inside the bag; the supplier who provides Costco with the Brussels sprouts, Los Angeles Salad Company, is also promising to conduct its own investigation.

The CFIA has told Global News it has not received any similar complaints.

Despite the shocking discovery, Moore is able to find humor in the situation. Asked if she would buy frozen Brussels sprouts again, she laughed and said “I think I will go with fresh ones.”

-with files from Doug Vaessen

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