Astute Mountie helps reunite missing Okanagan dog with owner

KELOWNA – A Kelowna police officer is being credited with helping to reunite a missing dog and its grateful owner.  On Oct. 22, Cst. Brad Smith pulled over a Chevy pickup truck while patrolling on Guisichan Road.  While speaking with the occupants, he noticed a pug sitting in the back seat.  He became suspicious of the dog’s origins after the occupants of the vehicle said the pug was “found” wandering around the Pandosy area.

Suspecting the dog may have been lost or stolen, the officer started to investigate.  Over the next few weeks, he determined that a 13-year old pug named “Anastasia” had been reported missing from the Pandosy area in mid-October.  The missing pug in the photos looked strikingly similar to the pug he saw in the pickup truck.   Smith managed to track down the driver of the pickup and confirmed that it was the same dog.

The officer was able to reunite Anastasia with her owner, who was overjoyed to have her beloved pet back.

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