WATCH: West Vancouver Police find 2 loaded pistols near elementary school

VANCOUVER – Parents at a West Vancouver elementary school were shocked to find police officers and Search and Rescue crews searching the grounds on Thursday morning.

Turns out, a mentally disturbed man had left two loaded 9mm pistols in the area and police and search crews were called in to look for them. They have now been found along with some ammunition.

Police did not close West Bay Elementary School but parents were asked to walk their children to class and the kids were not going to be let out for recess and lunch.

The school says they received word from the West Vancouver Police Department late Wednesday night that there was a distraught man who had knocked on the door of a home in the 3000-block of Rosebery Avenue. He said he had discarded two loaded 9mm pistols in the general West Bay area.

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North Shore Rescue on scene.
North Shore Rescue on scene.

The man has been apprehended and is cooperating with police. Police say no threat has been made against any person.

Anyone who finds a firearm is advised not to touch or pick it up, but call 911 for police attendance.