WATCH: ‘Apparently Kid’ covers the Texas State Fair for Ellen DeGeneres

TORONTO – The “Apparently kid,” five-year-old Noah Ritter, made another appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was sent by the host to cover the Texas State Fair.

Ritter became an Internet sensation after he was interviewed by a local reporter at a county fair in Scranton, Pennsylvania in August where the adorable young fair goer repeated the word “apparently” throughout the interview.

In September, he made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show before landing his first commercial.

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In his latest appearance on Ellen, the host asks Noah whether or not he likes California and he offers a resounding “no.”

“I do not like the hotel, TVs they are terrible,” he said, as the crowd erupts in laughter. “It’s a big fail. I thought they would have cartoons.”

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DeGeneres then plays video of the “apparently kid” in action at the Texas State Fair.

Ritter is chauffeured around by a police officer in a gold cart, whom he quickly criticizes.

“Drive with two hands. That’s the best option,” said Ritter. “You have a child in the golf cart.”

Ritter, who is also escorted by his grandfather, stop to “recharge their batteries” with a slice of pizza, and  reveals his dislike for L.A. pizza.

“I hate L.A. pizza. Oh my god disgusting.”

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