Diamond Spa’s owner answers allegations of bad business practices

MONTREAL – Diamond Spa’s owner finally agreed to address the numerous allegations of wrongdoing, two months after promising to come clean with her side of the story.

“Yes, it took me a while to come to my interview with you, but I’m here. I’m not hiding from anybody,” said Sanaz Noroozi.

More than 100 customers have taken steps to file complaints against the spa, and more than 80 employees have turned to Quebec’s labour board, claiming unpaid wages.

“I’m extremely sorry for the inconveniences that happened. We will be reopening shortly and we appreciate everyone’s patience for the past few months” said Noroozi.

All of Diamond Spa’s four locations are currently closed, but the owner insists two spas will reopen next month, after renovations and a complete restructuring of the business.

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“Our goal is to make everybody satisfied again, and be able to provide what everybody paid for,” insisted Noroozi.

At least a dozen customers have turned to Global News since May to share their stories about the spa’s questionable business practices.

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From women who said they sustained burns during laser hair removal treatments, to others who were awarded compensation in court, but were never able to reach the owner to get their money, many said they feel cheated.

The latest allegations came from a former employee who told Global News that a complaint was made to police alleging theft and fraud by Diamond Spa.

Watch: One former Diamond Spa employee filing official fraud charges

“It doesn’t scare me because I know what I’ve done. I know where I’m standing and I have good lawyers behind me as well,” said the West Island business owner.

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Sanaz Noroozi admitted she bit off more than she could chew when she attempted to expand from two to four spas last year. She now blames online group deals for the demise of her business.

“We will never be doing online deals again. It’s done,” said Noroozi, who answered most of our questions, until we brought up the slew of allegations from former workers who claim she still owes them money.

“I’m not going to get into the employee side, I mean, they all know me on a personal level. I always cared for them, we were a family.”

Noroozi attempted to put a stop to the interview when we revealed public documents that show the spa owes well over a $100,000 to Revenu Quebec.

“I’m done with the interview. I’ve given you what you wanted. This is not right, it’s not right,” said Noroozi, adding that filing for bankruptcy was never an option.

“Diamond Spa is like my child, it’s my baby. I have a three-year-old son, but I have Diamond Spa who’s eight-years-old. I can’t give that up!”

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