John Tory promises to allocate city funds to tackle public housing

WATCH: Alongside former Toronto Mayor Art Eggleton, John Tory told reporters Friday that he is committed to improving the state of Toronto’s public housing if elected mayor.

TORONTO – John Tory plans to inject up to $864 million from the city’s allocated funds for immediate repairs to Toronto Community Housing (TCH) units and press upper levels of government for more cash if elected mayor of Toronto.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to say we’re going to wait to make these repairs until these other government come on side,” Ford said as he released his strategy to improve the state of Toronto’s public housing on Friday.

“It is a moral and preferable approach to get on with the money the city has set aside and has been arranged by way of financing and invest that money in making the most urgent repairs.”

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Alongside former Toronto mayor Art Eggleton, Tory also promised to form a task force to conduct a six-month review of the corporate structure at TCH.

“There’s been a lot of discussion that it’s just not working. We’re going to come back with recommendations as how we can fix this very large corporation,” Tory said.

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TCH has been plagued in recent years by spending scandals and questionable hiring practices which has forced the dismissal of several management officials including the removal of CEO Gene Jones earlier this year.

Tory also revealed his social inclusion policy that encompasses pushing for more child care spaces, joining community groups to develop nutrition and breakfast programs in schools and joining efforts to the continent-wide movement for a 10-year plan to address homelessness.


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