Guess which Canadian city is one of the world’s most romantic?

MONTREAL — Its stunning blend of old-world charm and new-world sophistication has made Montreal one of the world’s most romantic cities.

According to Mashable, a top social media news site, Montreal hits the g-spot as one of the best cities to fall in love in — and it’s the only Canadian city to make the cut.

Looking at hundreds of cities around the world, based its list of the 25 Most Romantic Cities in the World by reviewing breathtaking views, first-date venues, romantic histories, marriage rates and love-filled holiday getaways.

The top three most romantic cities were Paris, France; Sydney, Australia and Venice, Italy. Montreal came in at number 11, ahead of New York City (17), Edinburgh (16) and Los Angeles (22).

Wondering why Montreal was so highly rated? Sexy night life options, parks, cafés and the fact that the Island of Montreal is shaped like a kiss all added up to a love-filled destination.

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The fact that Yoko Ono and John Lennon chose the city in 1969 for their infamous bed-in for peace may also have had an influence.

John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono begin a seven day bed-in for peace in a Montreal hotel May 27, 1969. The Canadian Press Images/Montreal Gazette

Montreal’s Little Italy neighbourhood was featured as one of the most romantic destinations in the city, with the Triple Crown Dinette‘s personalized picnic baskets highlighted as a romantic hit.

What do you love most about Montreal? Any tips for secret romantic spots in the city? Is there another city in Canada that should have made the list? Let us know in the comments.

The top 25 most romantic cities in the world, according to Mashable: 

  1. Paris
  2. Sydney
  3. Venice
  4. Kyoto
  5. Bruges
  6. Buenos Aires
  7. Budapest
  8. Dubrovnik
  9. Florence
  10. Prague
  11. Montreal
  12. Lisbon
  13. Wellington
  14. Bath
  15. San Sebastian
  16. Edinburgh
  17. New York City
  18. Jaipur
  19. Charleston
  20. Marrakech
  21. Cape Town
  22. Los Angeles
  23. Melbourne
  24. Dublin
  25. San Diego
What's more romantic than a bicycle with a picnic basket? . Global News
Romantic light falls over a park in Outremont, Montreal. Global News
Take a romantic paddle on the water at Montreal's Lachine Canal. Amanda Kelly/Global News
How romantic is cuddling up in a flurry of snow?. Global News
Montreal's night life is sophisticated and made for romance. David Sedell/Global News

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