5 things you may not know about Karl Subban

WATCH ABOVE: Camille Ross and Karl Subban chat about the secrets to raising hockey prodigies and overall successful children.

MONTREAL – He could be considered the ultimate hockey dad.

All of his three boys, Malcom, Jordan and Pernell-Karl (also known as Habs defenceman P.K.) are playing – and excelling – in the NHL.

Here are five things you might not have know about the accomplished speaker, Canadian Tire Ambassador and full-time dad, Karl Subban.

1. He gives his kids books for Christmas:

As an avid reader, Karl Subban says he hopes to instill a love for books in his children.

That’s why his Christmas gift to his kids is always one of the books he’s read himself.

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“I enjoy books that help people develop their potential. It’s my passion,” he said after he confessed his last read was “Mind Gym.”

Watch out P.K.! You might find this book in your Christmas stocking! It is currently on Karl Subban’s night stand.
Watch out P.K.! You might find this book in your Christmas stocking! It is currently on Karl Subban’s night stand.

2. His favourite movie is ‘Lean on Me’:

Perhaps it’s because he identifies with it, being a retired educator and school principal himself, but Karl Subban says Lean on Me is at the top of his “must-watch” list.

In this movie, Morgan Freeman plays a newly-appointed principal of a decaying inner-city school that he is determined to improve.

While he watches Principal Joe Clark, Karl Subban snacks on his favourite comfort food: popcorn!.

3. On Sundays you are most likely to find him:

At Church and enjoying quiet family time.

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He loves having supper with his entire family and hanging out with his adorable grand-kids.

His daughter Nastassia Subban-Bobb’s twin boys Epic and Honor were born in February 2013. Photo courtesy of @PKSubban01.

4. His favourite season is winter:

Despite the fact that he comes from a tropical country, Karl Subban looks forward to the colder days.

“Because of hockey, hockey and hockey,” he tells Global News – though he admits it’s not just so he can catch a glimpse of his kids playing the beautiful game on the small screen.

“For 20 years I built and maintained a backyard rink for my kids,” he said.

Karl with his boys Malcom, Jordan and P.K. Subban.

5. His family’s favourite food is liver:

Liver might be a tough sell in many households, but his recipe is a huge hit with his kids.

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Can you tell Karl Subban’s hidden talent is cooking?

A feast at the Subban household.
A feast at the Subban household.

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