Postie could not bear package delivery

Courtesy @IamFane, Twitter

There are many excuses for not delivering a parcel, but it is rare for wildlife to intervene.

But, Coquitlam resident Matthew Fane says he was more amused than surprised when he received a delivery notice from Canada Post saying his package was not delivered because of ‘bear at the door.’

“The note was very matter-of-fact, no exclamation point or anything like that,” says Fane. “Very factual: there is a bear at your door, I will have to come back later.”

Fane says he sees a lot of bears in his neighbourhood, and there is a creek behind his house where bears regularly hang out.

“Usually we will see them wander on the street and not really bug anyone,” he says. “This is the first time it disrupted the mail service.”

Fane’s wife thought the notice was hilarious and asked him to post in on social media.

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“It took off quite quickly,” says Fane.

The post has over 4,000 re-Tweets and counting, prompting a lot of Canadiana themed comments.

Fane says while he expected most Tweets to come from the Lower Mainland, people around the world, and from as far as Australia, took notice.

“For us, it is kind of like, what’s the big deal? We are a bit desensitized to bears.”

Canada Post has now replied to Fane’s Tweet, saying it will investigate the incident.

Fane says he has now received his parcel and hopes the employee does not get into any trouble over the delivery that was just too much to bear.

Canada Post released the following statement to Global News:

Canada Post delivers to over 15 million addresses each day and our employees are experienced at delivering in all kinds of conditions. Seeing a bear on route is unusual – it “bearly” ever happens.