Toronto Maple Leafs ranked worst sports franchise in North America

WATCH: According to a new study by ESPN, the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club is the worst sports franchise in North America. Alan Carter reports. 

TORONTO – The Toronto Maple Leafs rank dead last among sports franchises in North America, according to a study by ESPN.

Results from ESPN’s 2014 Ultimate Standings show the Buds placed the worst when it comes to affordability (price of tickets, parking and concessions) and bang for your buck (wins in the past year, per fan dollars).

The rankings, which are based on fan surveys and financial analysis, looked at several criteria that also included ownership, coaching, fan relations and stadium experience.

In total, 122 teams were featured in the list.

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Last year’s ranking had the Ottawa Senators at 9th place overall but saw them drop to 92nd place in 2014.

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Montreal Canadiens fans can claim the title of Canada’s best team, but only at 55th place.

The NBA’s San Antonio Spurs are atop the standings due to high scores in fan relations, ownership and coaching.

Major League Soccer and Canadian Football League teams were not added to the ranking.

ESPN rankings for Canadian teams:

55. Montreal Canadiens
74. Toronto Raptors
81. Toronto Blue Jays
89. Calgary Flames
92. Ottawa Senators
97. Winnipeg Jets
112. Vancouver Canucks
115. Edmonton Oilers
122. Toronto Maple Leafs

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