Women too busy for friends: study

WATCH: A new survey finds many women don’t have time for friends

A new survey finds women are too busy for their friends. The survey, commissioned by Bailey’s in Australia suggested that 78% of women have little time to themselves. Only 5% of their time is spent with friends.

“Well having kids, is probably one reason.  Working and all the usual things in life. It’s very difficult to spend time with friends,” said Shelly Quatrale, who said only 1% of her time is spent with her close friends.

Relationship experts say that contact is important emotionally and physically.

“Friends help us cope with hard times. They help us cope with the reality of life, whether it’s what we’re going through at work or in our relationship,” said Psychotherapist Kimberly Moffit. Moffit said those relationships can help decrease stress in our lives too.

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“Its really important, no matter how busy women are, they focus on those friendships and keep them going,” she said.

So how do you balance work, family and a social life. Time management experts say there is time for a social life. It’s just a matter of delegating that time.

“If you like doing it old school, write it in a paper calendar, or if you use your phone. Just sometimes writing it down is a bit of a step to making a commitment,” said Elaine Fenner who helps students at Seneca College manage their time as the Manager of Student Success.

Fenner said the key is to schedule time with friends as you would a meeting.

“I think it can transition into your social and personal life as well. It’s like a meeting that you  need to keep.”

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