Vet removes nearly 44 socks from dog

TORONTO – Monsters in clothes dryers are often blamed for eating socks but, for one family, it wasn’t their Maytag, it was their Great Dane.

An Oregon veterinarian saved a 3-year-old dog after she removed 43 and half socks from the Great Dane’s stomach.

According to The Oregonian, the family rushed the dog to an animal hospital when the canine wouldn’t stop vomiting and retching.

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Dr. Ashley Magee took several x-rays of the animal and found “a lot of foreign material in his stomach,” according the animal hospital’s spokesperson.

This Feb. 2014 photo provided by DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, shows an X-ray of a dog that consumed a number of socks in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital).

After performing almost a two-hour surgery, the doctor pulled out a small department store’s worth of socks.

“Whether it’s an anxiety thing when they’re missing their owners and the smell of the person on the clothing attracts them or they’re mad, who knows,” Dr. Magee said. “But we do remove articles of clothing often from dogs. This certainly is a record holder.”

The dog made a full recovery.

There’s no word as to where the other half of the sock is.

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