McGill’s world record breaking brownie

WATCH ABOVE: McGill University thought of a unique way to welcome it’s students back to school – with a huge brownie. Global’s Rachel Lau was there.

MONTREAL – University students across Montreal are getting ready to go back to school, but with one week left to go, McGill’s campus is already buzzing with students.

The university has thought of a unique way to welcome its students back – with a 4000 pound brownie.

It was quite a team effort, with about 20 people working to put it together using only fair trade ingredients.

“The brownie’s part of this food show that we’re trying to just put on for McGill,” said Oliver de Volpi, McGill’s executive chef.

“[It’s] to show a little snapshot of what’s going on and this was our way of promoting fair trade on campus.”
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It’s all part of an enormous fair trade food fair, as students get ready to head back to class.

“It’s stopping people in their tracks for a second to start that conversation about what fair trade is and what it means and how McGill is playing a part in eradicating poverty,” said Marika Escaravage, from Fairtrade Canada.

The brownie measures 30 by 15 feet and uses more than 1400 pounds of sugar, 360 pounds of cocoa powder and 420 pounds of organic dark chocolate – not to mention the almost 9000 eggs from McGill’s Macdonald campus on Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

“We know we have the biggest brownie ever – the heaviest and the biggest,” said de Volpi.

The university is going to send the brownie to Guinness World Records, in the hopes they’ll beat the record.

“We made one that was assembled – but ours is about 20 times bigger than theirs,” said de Volpi.

“It should weigh in about 4400 pounds at the end.”

The brownie can feed up to 20,000 people, which is basically the population of Dorval.

Part of the brownie will go to the Old Brewery Mission to give those in need a little treat to.

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