Translink to install pilot queuing system at Commercial-Broadway Station

Translink is hoping the line-ups for one of its busiest bus corridors will be more organized come September.

It is introducing a pilot queuing system at Commercial-Broadway Station for the 99 B-line bus. The project will run from September to spring of next year.

The station is one of the busiest stops in Metro Vancouver, with many students catching a connection to VCC and UBC.

Translink says the system will make passenger boarding easier and keep sidewalk space open for pedestrians.

Painted queue lines and pavement markings will direct passengers to the front, middle and rear doors.

Commuters with disabilities will have a designated accessibility path to the front door.

The painting and construction work will take place this week.

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Bus stops for the 99 B-Line and 9 will be moved slightly to the west today and Tuesday to allow for installation.

The pilot queuing system was developed following a TransLink study at Commercial-Broadway Station in late January.

The study found that pavement markings were effective for managing long line-ups at the 99 B-Line stop.

This time-lapse video taken during the study illustrates the findings:

But critics say it is a band-aid solution for a much bigger problem.

“The disease is the congestion and the failure of the provincial government to work with the mayors, to put in the funding for additional buses and rapid transit on this very busy corridor,” says NDP MLA George Heyman.

He says coming up with a funding formula in consultation with regional mayors should be Translink’s focus.