International fugitive from B.C. busted in Mexico

An alleged B.C. hitman is now back in Vancouver to face two charges of first-degree murder.

Thirty-seven-year-old Cory Vallee was arrested Wednesday in Guadalajara, Mexico after four years on the run.

Vallee is alleged to have pulled the trigger in a pair of shootings during the 2009 gang war between the Red Scorpions and United Nations gangs.

Today, Vallee made his first appearance in B.C. Supreme Court.

Vallee was on Interpol’s Most Wanted list. He was busted with phony ID. Vallee remains in custody, but could seek bail when he’s back in court.

Vallee is the alleged hitman in the mistaken gangland murder of an innocent stereo installer, 24-year-old Jonathan Barber, who had the misfortune of driving one of the Red Scorpion affiliated Bacon brothers’ vehicles.

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Barber was shot by mistake on Kingsway in Burnaby just after he picked up a vehicle belonging to one of the Red Scorpion affiliated Bacon brothers to install a stereo.

Vallee is also charged with a first-degree murder in the brazen daylight shopping mall hit on 26-year-old Kevin LeClair, a Red Scorpion allegedly targeted in the war with the United Nations Gang.

He also faces conspiracy to murder all three Red Scorpion affiliated Bacon brothers.

Police are not saying whether they had an informant, a wiretap or any other intelligence in the case, or whether the Mexican authorities just got lucky with a routine check or arrest.

IHIT investigators would only say Mexican authorities worked quickly and in partnership with them to confirm Vallee’s identity and escort him back to British Columbia.

A/Supt. Dwayne McDonald with IHIT says, “This arrest came about as a result of efforts and collaboration on the part of multiple domestic and foreign partner agencies and is a testament to the commitment of all agencies to bring this subject to trial. IHIT is now committed to supporting Crown Counsel and the trial process.”

Vallee’s counsel Gloria Ng says they will vigorously defend his innocence.

She says the cases are complex, involve a number of individuals and the public should not jump to any conclusions.

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Gordon Comer with B.C. Criminal Justice Branch says there is a public safety concern in connection with the file.

“The Crown will be stating its position to the judge on a bail hearing if and when he seeks his release,” says Comer.

Comer says it is likely the Crown will oppose bail.

Vallee’s next court appearance is set for Aug. 21.

With files from John Daly

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