WATCH: Chilly challenge taken up by Okanagan

KELOWNA, B.C. – As quick as the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS has caught on world wide, so to has the fundraising effort for the fatal illness.

The ALS Association was reporting $22.9 million in donations since July 29th.

“It’s more than anyone could imagine,” says Wendy Toyer, Executive Director at the ALS Society of B.C..

Toyer says so far, the ALS Society of Canada has raised about $150,000 from this viral stunt challenge. “It’s the answer to our prayers.”

Kelowna resident Hal Spelliscy took up the ice bucket challenge Friday for his sister Anne, B.C.’s longest ALS survivor having already lived almost 25 years since her diagnosis while the average life span after diagnosis is 3-5 years.

“It’s pretty easy to get on board to help Anne when we can and if something like this comes around, we’ll do it in a heartbeat.”” says Spelliscy.


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