5 things I learned from Gord Steeves’ wife

Gord and Lorrie Steeves current troubles have a lot of things to teach us. Global News

1) The Bannock Lady (Althea Guiboche) has good timing.  Capitalizing on the heat surrounding mayoral candidate Gord Steeves and his wife drew valuable attention to her good work and good cause was well played.  When we look back at this event at election time, I hope what we remember is that there are people like Guiboche making Winnipeg a nicer city.

2) As best I know, Gord and Lorrie Steeves were not at the Goldeyes game, the Assiniboine Park Zoo or eating at Santa Lucia.  None of those “no-shows” made headlines.

3) Tweets like this are true, but I think they miss an important point:

I learned long ago that my perceptions of the world and its safety are very different from my wife’s.  And both our points of view are equally valid.  People don’t treat a 6-foot-1 man the same way they do a woman.  Different experiences lead to different attitudes.  So to imply “I feel safe, so it’s safe,” doesn’t hold up.  If Lorrie Steeves didn’t feel safe downtown in 2010, no amount of arguing the point will make her feel safe.
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4) If this is an issue now, we (as the media) should feel embarrassed for not knowing about it four years ago.  Gord Steeves was a city councillor when his wife wrote the comment.  This would have been as big a story back then.

5) I am never running for office. I don’t want to be reminded of the stupid things I’ve said/done/written in the past.  Like the brief moments where I believed that spaghetti grew on trees:

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