Snow still piled 18 metres high at Winnipeg dump site

An 18-metre-high pile of mud-covered snow still fills a dump site along Kenaston Boulevard. Skyview1 / Global News

WINNIPEG – It’s the dog days of summer, but there’s snow in the city nicknamed Winterpeg.

Jim Berezowsky, manager of street maintenance for Winnipeg, said there is still snow at the four dump sites used by the city.

The pile at a site along Kenaston Boulevard is still about 18 metres high, he said.

Skyview1 / Global News

Dirt encrusted on the melting pile helps it stand up to summer temperatures. A high of 27 C was forecast Thursday, only slightly warmer than the early August average temperature of 26 C.

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Usually the snow melts by the time summer is over, but Berezowsky said sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help.

If it’s not melting at the expected rate by the third week of August, the city will send in equipment to break the mud-covered pile up so it melts faster.

In late August or early September, crews then move in to clean up the leftover debris and move it and the remaining sediment to the landfill.

The aim is that by the end of September, the snow dumps are clear and clean and ready for another winter.


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