Philadelphia food truck explosion injures 12

TORONTO – A scary moment unfolded on a busy Philadelphia street Tuesday after a propane tank on a food truck exploded, injuring 12 people and sending a massive fireball into the air.

The explosion happened around 5:30 p.m. local time, sending the metal tank and parts of the truck flying over 50 feet, according to NBC 10 News.

The explosion, captured on surveillance video, shows the intense blaze that engulfed the lunch truck and critically injured two people inside.

“I turned around and saw the fire coming toward me,” Latoya Page, who was injured in the explosion, told NBC. “I fell, got back up and started running again.”

According to NBC, a 42-year-old woman and her 17-year-old daughter were working in the truck at the time of the explosion. Both remain in hospital in critical condition. Two others also remain in hospital, suffering from unknown injuries.

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Nicole Ellis, an area resident, told the news station the blast shook her house and described the horror of the aftermath.

“A girl was walking by from the nail salon and her whole back got sprayed with debris,” Ellis told NBC. “She was screaming all the way up the street, ‘I’m on fire! I want my mom! I want my mom!’”

Police are investigating the cause of the blast.

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