‘CrowBomb’ stunt irks police, cyclist community

CALGARY- A risky ride down Crowchild Trail has caught the attention of Calgary Police.

On Thursday, a group of cyclists taking part in the annual ‘CrowBomb’ event headed down Crowchild Trail during rush hour. Though they mostly stuck to the far right lane, at some points the group of eight riders were seen weaving in and out of traffic.

“First of all it’s illegal, let’s make that perfectly clear,” says Sgt. Mike ter Kuile from the Calgary Police Service. “Crazy, I think not only crazy, but irresponsible.”

The ride may have violated bylaws and the Traffic Safety Act, and could have resulted in tickets from anywhere between $25 and $400.

“They’re only allowed to ride down the right hand shoulder of the roadway,” ter Kuile explains. “They are also not allowed to ride side by side, they’re supposed to ride with hands on the handlebars and feet on the pedals, all of which we see them breaching in this video.”

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Drivers were also shocked to see the group heading down the busy stretch of road between Marda Loop and Memorial Drive.

“I think they’re nuts…I’d hate to see anybody get into an accident,” said Kevin Berze.

The cycling community is also upset, saying the stunt intended to promote cycling is sending the wrong message.

“That was completely over the top behaviour,” said Gary Beaton, president of the Tour de Nuit Society. “The majority of cyclists follow the rules of the road and are highly aware of their surroundings.”

However, organizer Sean Carter maintains riders are allowed to be on Crowchild Trail, adding it was during rush hour when traffic is slow.

“Traffic is stopped. Another car might bang into another one, that’s not going to hurt us.”