June 26, 2014 7:02 pm
Updated: June 26, 2014 10:09 pm

‘CrowBomb’ stunt alarms drivers on Crowchild Trail


CALGARY- An annual cyclist event called ‘CrowBomb’ has raised concerns from drivers.

The event sees cyclists head down Crowchild Trail during rush hour, and while they usually stick to the far right lane they’ve been known to also weave in and out of traffic on the high-speed roadway.

On Thursday, eight people met at the Petro Canada in Marda Loop, then sped down Crowchild, picking up speed as they headed downhill towards the city centre. At some points they also had to contend with merging traffic and semi-trailers, and at one point a SUV even tried to block some of the riders from passing.

All of them safely made it to the ramp just off of Memorial Drive. However, not everyone was impressed.

“It’s crazy. I can’t believe people want to protest and put their lives into jeopardy. And on Crowchild, where you get thousands and thousands of cars, especially during rush hour,” said councillor Joe Magliocca. “It’s absolutely nuts.

“If something were to happen, who’s responsible? It’s going to be the drivers. That’s what I’m fighting for. I want license, I want insurance on bicycles, because they cause accidents too, and they should be liable for them.”

WATCH: Aerial view of the CrowBomb in its entirety.

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Organizers maintain they have every right to be on the road.

“We’re allowed to be on Crowchild as bike riders in Calgary,” says Sean Carter. “It’s probably not the smartest place to be during certain times of the day, but during rush hour the traffic is stopped. As bikes, we can basically past hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cars and take a really fun ride.”

“I have twice participated in this event, and it is very safe,” adds Curtis Mah. “Riding in an empty bus lane along parked cars is safer than many school zones in this city.”

The event is part of Cyclepalooza, which runs from June 27-July 6.


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