Brazilian artists mentor North Vancouver students

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The famous laughing statutes near English Bay have become icons of Vancouver. Now the Brazilian group behind those big grins are at it again – this time using emerging local talent to help with their latest installation that’s set to be unveiled in North Vancouver tomorrow.

The high school students helping on the project are from North Vancouver, and they’re getting the chance to work with, and be mentored by, some of Brazil’s top artists.

“It’s phenomenal to be in a space where we are reminded that in not knowing, you learn so much more,” said Sierra Tasi Baker, a student at Studio in the City Art.

The installation is about personal experiences of real Brazilians, according to Marcelo Dantas, the Biennale International Pavilion curator. It’s a triangular structure created from old mattresses, all of which are held together with string. It’s supposed to represent the Brazilian view of their country’s economy. Pull one thread — and it will fall.

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As all eyes are turned to Brazil with the World Cup, the new exhibit opening tomorrow in the Historic Pipe-fitters’ Building presents a contrasting look at the country, through the eyes of young and established artists alike.

-With files from Brian Coxford

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