June 22, 2014 6:45 pm
Updated: June 22, 2014 6:50 pm

Wildwood Park residents on alert after recent rash of crimes

A car door in Wildwood Park is left ajar after being broken into Saturday night

Ashley Carter/Global News

WINNIPEG – Wildwood Park residents are on alert after a recent rash of crimes.

“I’ve had my BBQ stolen so it’s locked to the wall, those chairs are locked to the wall, everything I have is all locked up here,” said concerned resident Ron Rentz.

This is the extreme length some residents are going to keep their belongings from being stolen.

Shed locks, alarm systems, and security lights are popping up after a recent rash of thefts and attempted home invasions in the area.

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“Everyone’s been talking about it and making everyone aware of what’s going on because people are concerned,” said concerned resident Andrea Auch.

“It seems like anything that’s not tied down that they can pick up and carry away they’ll take,” said Rentz.

While Global News was scoping out the neighbourhood we came across two cars that had been broken into the night before. The doors were unlocked and still ajar, glove compartments were open, and belongings strewn throughout the cars.

Gord Taylor’s two vehicles and his neighbours were also broken into Friday night, but the burglars didn’t stop there.

“The neighbour across the way said that someone had tried the door handle at about 5 in the morning and there were three of them,” said Gord Taylor.

Taylor and his family were asleep at the time and didn’t hear anything but their neighbour across the street woke up after hearing his dog bark, saw the burglars, and called police.

“It’s disconcerting that people are walking into your yard and getting that close to you,” said Taylor.

“There are often people just going along trying doors and that’s an invitation, if it’s unlocked they’re going in, if it’s locked they’re not,” said Const. Eric Hofley.

Last week there was another attempted home invasion on another Wildwood street.

“Three, I’m assuming they were guys, in balaclavas tried to enter into a house. I don’t think it was successful but still it’s a little but disconcerting, I mean this is kind of sleepy hollow here,” said David Houston who lives on the same street of the attempted home invasion.

Concerned community members will be holding a meeting with the Winnipeg Police Service on September 14th at the Wildwood Community Centre.

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