Edmontonians hit with a jump at the pump

The price of regular gasoline at gas station in south Edmonton. June 20, 2014. Global News

EDMONTON – If you didn’t fuel up before Friday, be prepared to shell out more money, as gasoline prices have gone up across Edmonton.

The price of regular gas at many Edmonton-area stations increased 11 cents between Thursday and Friday, from $1.15 to $1.26 per litre.

Many Edmonton drivers are not impressed.

“I forgot to pump yesterday so I had to pump it and I had to use the high octane too, so it’s $143.9,” said one motorist.

“These gas prices are pretty ridiculous,” said another driver, who didn’t get a chance to fuel up before the spike.

“I knew it was going to happen. It was on the radio yesterday, so we got a fair warning. “

A look at, a website that relies on users reporting gas prices through a phone app or website,  revealed there were still some stations offering regular at the lower price Friday morning.  The website shows the price of regular gas was $1.20 at this time last year.

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Another price predicting website,, suggested the price would continue to climb over the next two days.

Despite the hike, Albertans pay the least in Canada for fuel. In B.C. and Quebec the price is averaging between $1.46 and $1.48 per litre, although prices in metro Montreal and Vancouver have been reported as high as $1.54.

BELOW: Gas price heat map from

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According to numbers released by Statistics Canada, the country’s annual inflation rate jumped to 2.3 per cent last month. The big reason for the increase in was the 8.4 per cent increase in energy, including a 6.3 per cent gain in the price of gasoline and a 21.3 per cent leap in natural gas prices.

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