Michael Bublé calls Montreal ‘best city in Canada’

Michael Bublé, pictured in September 2013. Getty Images

TORONTO — Michael Bublé can’t wait to hit the stage at the Bell Centre on July 4 and 5, during the Montreal Jazz Festival.

“I love my city of Vancouver,” the B.C.-born crooner said on Wednesday, “but Montreal is the best city in Canada.”

In a conference call with reporters on the eve of the Canadian leg of his world tour, Bublé described Montreal as “the most perfect mix of Europe and North America.”

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Bublé said his grandfather, who is accompanying him on the tour, is anxious to experience Montreal for the first time.

“It’s electric,” the singer gushed. “And when the festival is on there, it’s just beautiful. I mean, you have some of the greatest artists in the world, some of the most eclectic acts coming, and everybody gets to share the joy of this great music.”

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Bublé recalled performing at a small club in Montreal a little more than a decade ago.

“I was young, I really wanted to impress,” he said. “I think I tried too hard.”

Bublé said he was criticized in the local press for talking “dirty” during his show.

He’s cleaned up his act — but Bublé promises audiences are in for a special night.

“I know how good this show is. I know when I leave the stage … people are going to understand why their Canadian boy did so well all over the world, because this show isn’t a good show — this show is one of the best shows in the world without a doubt.”

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