Free pot for a year? There’s a contest for that (but it comes with some rules)

Free marijuana for a year? It sounds too good to be true but if you’ve got a doctor’s note and you’re feeling lucky, there’s a contest catered to you. THE CANADIAN PRESS

TORONTO – Free marijuana for a year? It may sound too good to be true for some, but if you’ve got a doctor’s note for medical marijuana and you’re feeling lucky, there’s a Canadian contest catered to you.

Lift, a Canadian online medical marijuana platform, is launching a contest that’ll hand one Canadian free pot, for medicinal purposes, for one year. That’s one gram of weed a day for 365 days.

According to spokesman David Brown, the price tag on the contest would be about $3,650. He estimates that the value of a gram ranges from $6 to $12.

The organization’s goal in running the contest was to raise awareness about Lift, medical marijuana and how the system works to patients who may be in the dark.

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Lift is an online medical marijuana review site based on strain reviews users leave. Brown said that these days, consumers buying medicinal pot are ordering online.

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“It’s difficult for patients to head to the store and look at things, that option isn’t available. It provides an opportunity to discuss their ailments, get customer service, read reviews and news and patient information,” he told Global News.

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But the website isn’t giving away pot to just any Canadian. For starters, if you win the contest, you’ll need a doctor’s note for medical marijuana and then order it from a licensed producer.

“It’s an understandable concern [if people apply for other reasons], but you still have to go to the doctor, get examined, be prescribed. I’m not worried about anyone gaming the system. You can sign up but you may not be eligible to win,” Brown explained.

He said Canadians of all walks of life rely on medicinal pot: they could be treating arthritis, insomnia, the effects of cancer treatment, for example.

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The contest is open to Canadians across Canada, excluding Quebec, who have a valid prescription for marijuana under federal regulations. The contest ends next month on July 18.

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Read more about Lift and its contest here.

Health Canada radically changed the rules for medical marijuana on April 1, moving approved production from a cottage industry of thousands of loosely regulated growers to a commercially competitive sector, with an anticipated 50 larger companies shipping high-quality weed in dozens of strains.

Prices are being set by the free market, and Health Canada is imposing no limit on the number of sanctioned indoor weed farms, as long as they can pass regulatory muster.

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