Drone footage shows a deserted Moncton during manhunt

TORONTO – The streets of northern Moncton, N.B. were deserted Thursday while police conducted a large manhunt for suspect Justin Bourque, who allegedly killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others.

YouTube user Mark LeBlanc uploaded aerial footage taken from a drone over North Moncton Thursday, showing an eerie calm on the streets while residents were confined to their homes as part of the lockdown.

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The search for Bourque – which lasted nearly 30 hours – ended at 12:10 a.m. AT when police took him into custody.

In the video’s description, LeBlanc thanks the RCMP for their work and paid tribute to the three fallen officers.

“Thank you to our RCMP. A great loss that cannot be explained. Still, when duty calls you are there,” he wrote in the video’s description.

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“We grieve with you. Your bravery and courage, your commitment to Canada and her citizens… above and beyond.”

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LeBlanc noted that he was careful not to capture footage of areas that police had cordoned off for the manhunt.

“Video has been captured by UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and was reviewed to be sure that no locations reveal any information that would be pertinent to the subject in question,” read the YouTube description.

RCMP had been urging residents not to share details of the search area on social media Thursday, fearing Bourque was monitoring Twitter and Facebook for updates on where police were searching.