Oilers’ captain to make history at Edmonton Pride Parade

WATCH: Andrew Ference of the Edmonton Oilers and Kris Wells of Camp fYrefly talk to Gord Steinke about the significance of Ference marching in Edmonton’s Pride Parade.

EDMONTON – Oilers captain Andrew Ference will be marking a milestone as he marches in Edmonton’s pride parade this Saturday.

It will be the first time an Oiler has participated in the event.

Ference will be joining Camp fYrefly, and representing the You Can Play team — a campaign dedicated to eradicating homophobia in sports.

“You Can Play has fundamentally changed the way the NHL players think and act,” Ference said.

“We understand the important role we can play in ending discrimination within sports and society…When we work, play and live together without discrimination it makes our entire community stronger and more productive.”

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WATCH: Raw video of Ference’s interview with Kevin Jesus

Dr. Kristopher Wells, of the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, is thrilled about having Ference on board. He believes his participation sends a powerful message that homophobia has no place in locker rooms or our society.

“It used to be people used to wear paper bags marching in the pride parade because they were afraid to lose their jobs. So look at how far we’ve come in, really, just a generation. And that’s because people have been visible. Allies have stood up and spoken up, and that’s how change happens.

“We know that social change takes leaders to step up.”

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The news was applauded on Twitter Tuesday night.

The wife of Oiler Ben Scrivens, Jen, will also be taking part in the march.

Saturday’s pride parade will start at noon. You can see the route here.