Red Cross reveals $42 million raised for Alberta flood relief

CALGARY – The Canadian Red Cross collected millions of dollars in donations when flooding ravaged southern Alberta last year, and says they’ve spent $27.5 million helping affected Albertans so far.

The organization made the announcement during a news conference on Tuesday morning, held to provide an update on how donations collected during the flood have been spent.

To date, officials say $21 million has been spent assisting individuals and families, while $5 million has gone towards shelter, home clean-up and repair and rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, $1.5 million has been given to community initiatives and small businesses.

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The Red Cross still has $14.5 million in donations left, which they will continue to use to support flood victims throughout the province for the next two years.

They say in total, $42 million was raised for Alberta flood relief.

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In the months to come, funding will help to repair and rebuild the homes of hundreds of families still living in temporary housing, trailers, hotels or with family and friends.

So far, officials say almost 70,000 individuals, including more than 6,600 families, received assistance for their basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing.

During the flood, the Red Cross managed or supported 16 emergency shelters and reception centres. They also distributed 940,000 relief supplies, including clean-up kits, first aid kits, water, towels, cots and blankets.

Officials say 95 cents of every dollar donated for Alberta flood relief goes directly to impacted individuals and communities.

Flooding in southern Alberta in 2013 forced more than 100,000 people from their homes, and destroyed an estimated 14,000 properties.

Flood victims who are struggling and still need assistance can call the Red Cross at a toll free number: 1-866-696-6484

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