Twitter treasure hunt for hidden cash hits Toronto

Watch video above: Why the anonymous Torontonian is giving away money. Minna Rhee reports.

TORONTO – The “Hidden Cash” phenomenon has made its way to Toronto.

Someone, tweeting from the account HiddenCashTO, has been dropping envelopes of cash around the city then tweeting clues to where the gifts can be found.

The anonymous person told Global News Monday that they hope those who do find the cash “share it with the less fortunate” and will “keep doing it until it’s not fun.”

It obviously takes some disposable income but the person wouldn’t lend any hint as to their income or net worth, instead saying they were “wealthy in spirit.”

The generous Torontonian started giving away money on May 30 and has so far doled out $400 in four different locations.

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The treasure hunt started in California and spawned copycats in the United Kingdom and Vancouver.

The anonymous person made his most recent drop at 2:30 p.m. on Monday. Here’s the latest clue:

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