June 2, 2014 1:02 pm

BLOG: Morning News Rewind – June 2

Jeff Currie from Outtabounds looks at different ways bikes can be dressed up and stylized.

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On Monday’s Morning News, Jessica speaks with two long-time volunteers at the PotashCorp Children’s Festival while Kevin finds out different ways to stylize bikes in Saskatoon Style and tries pig’s feet soup in Food for Thought.

Saskatoon Style – dressing up bikes

I said right off the top that the only “decorating” I’d ever had on a bike was slapping some no-name rookie card to the frame of my bike, securing that son of a gun with more of my dad’s electrical tape than necessary, and having at her.

Sometimes, multiple cards, multiple lengths of card, just to achieve that proper dissonance. Heck yeah. I was one tough cookie for an 8-year old.

I love the new (see: old/vintage) looks! I’m an imaginative guy, but seriously, a bike’s a bike’s a bike to me most of the time.

I may need to get me a new set of wheels… two, instead of the usual four.

Volunteers help make PotashCorp Children’s Festival a success

For the last 26 years, the PotashCorp Children’s Festival has graced Kiwanis Memorial Park, but what many of us don’t think about is all the volunteers that make it possible… like Rob and Dylan.

Rob has been volunteering for 18 years, and Dylan for 24. Amazing. They look at the gig as a vacation from their job, not work at all.

Truly amazing people to have in our community!

Sound and creativity at the PotashCorp Children’s Festival

This is my first Children’s Festival experience and it really made me feel like a kid again! There’s so much going on from a Lego tent, live action performances and interactive displays.

Today I had a chance to learn how to juggle (sort of). It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but it was so much fun that I think I will be practising at home.

Meeting Chairman Jim was something else! Who knew that lawn chairs and serve as a piece of art… oOr juggling equipment. The Children’s Festival is going on until June 4th at Kiwanis Park.

Food for Thought – pig’s feet soup

My favourite piece of advice to give people is, “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice.”

That was especially applicable today, as I ate a soup wherein pig’s feet was a noteworthy ingredient. Pig’s feet. Pig’s feet.

No, I didn’t copy and paste that.  I typed it out, because I needed to believe that I did it. What is it about the idea of eating feet that just seems a little… off?

Like I say in the interview, I’m “game” for anything.

I stand by that, and what Amy Jo put before me – I kid you not – was phenomenal.  10/10.  Would eat again.

Jessica and Kevin preview Monday’s Morning News

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