Ants invade Winnipeg lawns

The thousands of ants on this lawn get a taste of pesticide . Ashley Carter/Global News

WINNIPEG – Warmer temperatures have left Winnipeg lawns teeming with millions of ants .

Ants are so bad this year pest control companies are getting double the call volume from customers willing to pay hundreds of dollars to eradicate them.

“We had a later spring and people are finally getting out and noticing there are ant hills all over their lawn. The big snow cover helped with lots of snow when it’s cold, -40 C in the air temperature, but down in the ground its nice and warm,” said entomologist Taz Stuart.

Now as ants start building homes by expanding and pushing soil out of their tunnels for the next few weeks, they’re becoming an annoyance for many.

“They make big mounds and there’s the threat of them coming into your house, I don’t like ants at all,” said Lindsay McLeod, whose lawn is overrun with ants.

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Pest control companies like Poulin’s Pest Control, use a powder and liquid pesticide.

“It’s like a tracking powder, they get it on their feet and bring it back in to the nest and hopefully bring enough in for the queen because once the queen dies they’ll all die off eventually themselves,” said a Poulin’s exterminator.

But Winnipeg’s Insect Control official warns against eradicating the pests because ants  aerate soil,  while building their tunnels, making for a healthier lawn.

“I’d recommend not doing anything about them, ants are considered beneficial insects and doing something to them is more detrimental to your lawn,” said Ken Nawolsky.

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