Spin classes inspired by American workout sensation

MONTREAL – A new workout program is causing quite a sensation in the Plateau. Inspired by popular spin classes in New York and Los Angeles, the classes at the small Spin Energie gym on the corner of Parc and Prince Arthur are proving to be very popular.

The exercise room at Spin Energie seems more like a dance hall than a spin class. The classes feature music by some of the most popular names on the music circuit these days. Different moves are choreographed to songs by Kanye West, Miley Cyrus and even One Direction!

“You’re always supported by the beat,  which makes it easier to push yourself further,” says owner Yanic Truesdale.

Truesdale is an actor who first discovered the spin workout in L.A. and decided to bring it back to his hometown.

“It just occurred to me that Montreal didn’t have that and I wanted to bring it back to my friends,” he told Global News.

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Low lighting and the candlelit room also adds to the magic.

Spin Energie is inspired by Soul Cycle, the spinning craze that has swept the states. There are now over 25 locations across the United States. Max Greenfield, Katie Holmes and Alec Baldwin have all been spotted there. Truesdale is also a celebrity. You may remember him as Michel from Gilmore Girls.

Classes at Spin Energie are consistently sold out. Some timeslots, like the Beyonce-themed Diva class even have a waiting list.

What Spin Energie does best, according to clients and trainers, is allowing people to have fun while getting a full body workout.


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